Photogra-momma Kelli France

I am so excited to introduce our first featured photogra-momma Kelli France! She’s an amazing photographer and the mother of 3 sweet kiddos. Although super-busy, she found time to squeeze in an interview with me. You’ll also see some of her beautiful images at the bottom of the post. Thanks so much Kelli!

Kelli, what prompted you to enter the photography industry? I did photoshoots of my siblings and friends even as a kid.  I remember having these great visions in my head when I was like ten and of course, my hot pink $10 Kmart camera just didn’t give me those results.  It’s just always been a passion of mine to create images like the magazines pictures that I saw.

How long have you been a professional photographer?
For over 8 years.

How would you describe your style? Romantic, chic, whimsical, & classy.

What is the favorite shooting trick you have up your sleeve?
I like to tilt my lens just a notch to create a sense of motion.

You work out of your home . . . what do you do to make sure that the lines between family and business don’t get blurred? (At least not too much!)
I really try hard not to work while my kids are awake.  It’s too frustrating. I also have a set schedule of when I work and play. That way I use my time wisely when I work and can look forward to the times that I get to play (date night–woot! woot!)

Who or what inspires you in your art?
Like I mentioned before, I have always been into fashion magazines, even as a little girl. My favorites are Child and Vogue.  I just love looking at the images in magazines and getting ideas.  Also, my kids have always inspired me in my art.  I just love how silly and innocent children are.

You started an online photography educational program – FrancyPants Academy. Can you tell us about that?
Sure!  Francypants Academy {} teaches Mom-preneurs how to create powerful images and a brilliant boutique business that STANDS OUT in a digital world.  I got my degree in Elementary Education so it’s a great way for me to share my love of teaching with my passion for photography AND running a business.  Many Mom photographers have the passion but lack the business knowledge needed to make it worth their while.  I offer ONLINE MENTORING as well as COUTURE KITS (coming soon!), which are kits that include a specific lesson and templates needed to strengthen your photography business. I am also in the process of working out the details for a workshop later on in the year.

Can you share with us a couple of your favorite images and what makes you love them so much? Sure!  I love it when an image turns out exactly as you had it in your head (or better!) I also love it when I capture a sweet moment in time.  The image of the little boy with his cheeks being squished is actually my son and I wanted to capture me being unable to resist the urge to squish ;0)

To see more beautiful imagery by Kelli France, go to Also make sure to check out Francypants Academy . . . it’s a great resource for busy mom-photographers to grow their business and grow in their art.

Have a great day everyone!

February 3, 2010 - 3:13 pm

Alissa Ferullo - Love her work! =)

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