open their eyes

I am soooooo sorry I have been MIA for the past week. We randomly decided to go on vacation and it was a great decision! Literally hours before we left town we decided to head out to Branson, MO and it was a just what our family needed. However, I know I left all of you hanging without any warning and I am sorry!

Today I want to share how I do eye enhancement at my studio. I love that bright, open eye look that is sparkly without being too “baby-doll-ish”. I like that look too, but it’s just not my photographyl style. You can decide how much you want to enhance the eyes. For eye enhancement, I do these simple steps:

1. I whiten the whites of the eyes . . . not too much or it will look completely freaky!

2. Then I dodge the iris . . . I brighten the catchlight and the bottom of the iris.

3. Next, I burn the (very, very) edge of it. I use a teeny-tiny brush for this.

4. Lastly, for my senior girls or moms, I use VGallery Haven’s eyelash template to make their lashes extra lush!

Here is an example. You can see that the eye looks a little opened up but not too “photoshopped”. I like my retouching to be a slightly-better-than-natural look.



Have a great day everyone!

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